About Us

Our mission is to establish YWAM Metro New York as a missionary community offering excellence in training, sending and caring for individuals committed to world evangelization.

Our Vision is to:

Walk with God
To see Christians walk with God so intimately that they can hear Him when He speaks and are so dedicated that they will obey Him when He commands.

Go with God
To see Christians go in obedience to all the nations, proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Worship God
To see Christians of all nations worship God in unity so that Revelation 7:9-10 becomes reality.

In order to become an effective mission community, we desire:

  •  To grow continually as a loving, healing, and witnessing community of the Spirit; To offer excellence in teaching, mentoring, and training for involvement in world evangelization
  • To work in unity with all churches and all other mission agencies for the cause of world evangelization
  •  To value each staff member of YWAM-NY as integral and essential in achieving our common goal
  • To encourage all staff members to grow both personally and professionally and in commitment to Jesus Christ
  • To make the Word of God central in all our training, relying on the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit
  • To maintain commitment and dedication to missionaries commissioned both by YWAM-NY and by other agencies.

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